How to access Webuzo using domain name on Cloudflare


When you install Webuzo on your Virtual Private Server, you access it using the URL http://IP:2002 or http://IP:2004 (If you have an SSL certificate in your server then you can use https too).

If you connect that server to a domain name and that domain name is managed on Cloudflare then if you try to access it using the domain name like http://domain:2002 or http://domain:2004, you won’t be able to access it.

The reason is, Cloudflare does not allow the port 2002 and 2004 by default as this is not a standard port. You can see the list of allowed ports here

In this how-to, we will see how to access Webuzo using the domain name. If you don’t know how to install Webuzo on your VPS then read here

There are two ways to achieve this.
If you are paid Cloudflare customer then you can use Cloudflare Spectrum.
If you are a free Cloudflare customer then add a subdomain as gray-clouded record.

In this tutorial we will learn about free Cloudflare customer. Let’s get started. Jump to video tutorial

  1. Open Cloudflare, select the domain from left top side
  2. Click on DNS icon then click on Add record
  3. Select Type A, in the Name enter some subdomain like webuzo, in the IPv4 address enter the IP address of the server, TTL will be Auto
  4. Proxy statusDNS only (Click on the Proxied icon to change it to DNS only) – IMPORTANT
  5. Save the record
  6. Open Webuzo using http://subdomain.domain:2004 or http://subdomain.domain:2002

Now you will be able to access Webuzo control panel using the domain name on Cloudflare.

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Incase if you do not understand, watch this video

Access Webuzo using Domain Name – YouTube

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